Sat, Jul 20
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Stolen Flowers
Japanther is the music and art project of Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek, who are known for their unconventional live performances. The band ...
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Fri, Jul 19
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Fill The Blanks
Italians Do It Better lately re-released a lot of its cool classics on vinyl. Glass Candy and Chromatics on top. Five years later Johnny Jewel ...
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Thu, Jul 18
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Dream Is Gone
Italian post rock and cosmic disco duo Crimea X have released their second album, Another. It comes 2 years after their last effort, ...
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Wed, Jul 17
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We Don't Know
After a lot of Ep's, remixes and worldwide tours, Blatta & Inesha are going to release their debut album on Bad Life. Yes a complete LP ...
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Tue, Jul 16
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After forming Wampire, Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps steadily began to make a name for themselves in the same Portland, OR, scene that ...
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Wed, Apr 17
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Gold Panda announce brand new album “Half Of Where You Live” out on june 11 under Ghostly International, one ...
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Thu, Apr 11
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Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster
Superprolific Oh Sees are gonna releasing the new album “Floating Ciffin” 16th april 2013 through their own label Castle Face. The album ...
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Wed, Apr 10
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From the acclaimed 2006 debut Cansei De Ser Sexy to 2011's La Liberación, CSS returns with their fourth studio album ...
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