Sat, Feb 25
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Teen Distortion Art Junk Music
Remember what it was like being a bored teenager? The awkward feelings of being frustrated and anxious all the time. Most of us just took it out on our friends and parents, not Erik Nervous. ...
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Sat, Oct 08
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Contest: The HLT Plan: 22nd Step
The 8th of October is the Cassette Store Day 2016, it's also the 22nd Step of The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan. HLT present a special release on Cassette, ...
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Thu, Oct 06
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The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan: 21st Step
MP3s download: The Plan in ZIP file ...
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Fri, Oct 16
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Contest: The HLT Plan: 21th Step + Radio Soulwax
The 17th of October is the Cassette Store Day 2015, HLT present two special releases on Cassette, ...
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Mon, Aug 24
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Rehumanizer II
Maserati is coming out with a new record and 'Rehumanizer II' is my track of the week. They are an unbeliavable combo...
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Sat, Aug 22
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You Can Only Get What You Want
I don't know so much about these guys. They are coming from Milwakee and this EP it's a ...
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Thu, Aug 20
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Erase Errata is going to release 'Lost Weekend' their first album in nine years. They came out ...
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Wed, Aug 19
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Shigeto brand new EP 'Intermission' is quiet ready. 'Pulse' is the first track Ghostly ...
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