Thu, Oct 11
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Ammaboa Glass
Errors is releasing a new Ep 'New Relics', under Mogwai label Rock Action. Here is the ...
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Mon, Oct 08
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Istruzioni di Sopravvivenza
This is the mixtape for a new project Crono. Crono is an artist a part of a new show, a mixup of music, intimism, visuals and theatre. We have no more ...
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Wed, Oct 03
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Mechanical Mammoth
Here is brand new project of Sean Lennon (The Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger) and Greg Saunier (Deerhoof). ...
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Fri, Sep 21
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The Night
Citing artists such as Aphex Twin and Mount Kimbie as influences, King Dinosaur’s fresh mix of energetic 2-step ...
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Mon, Sep 17
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Cherokee + EU Tour 2012
Brand new Cat Power video is out directed by Chan. Cat Power vs. Aliens, Zombies or something like that?! ...
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Thu, Sep 06
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Helvetia (pronunced hel-vee-shuh) is our band of the week. Originating in Seattle WA, and currently living in ...
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Wed, Aug 29
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“Quarantine” is the brand new single taken from the third Bonaparte album “Sorry We’re Open” (out now!). They are ...
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Wed, Aug 29
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Breakup Song
"Breakup Song" is the new album of Deerhoof, release date: september 4th under Polyvinyl. It's quiet difficult to ...
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