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Fri, Oct 12
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Your Final Setting Sun
Jason Lytle long awaited second album 'Dept Of Disappearance' is ready to come out, release date October 16th. Three years from the solo debut of Grandaddy’s leader. In 3 years he made a couple of cd-r self releases for fans and last summer was all around with Grandaddy with some shows the fans waited a lot. Here is the video of the first single ‘Your Final Setting Sun’.

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Wed, Nov 28
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Letters To Metro (Zombi remix)
Finally A Wrenched Virile Lore, the Mogwai remixes album, is out (under Sub Pop in US and Rock Action | PIAS in Europe). Remixes are not a new way to develope music for Mogwai. Kicking A Dead Pig released in 1998 by Chemikal underground records was the first step. It’s more interesting to listen how the music world of Mogwai is changed in 14 years and which is the point of view of their remixers. Here is a little pill from the album. Letters To Metro (Zombi remix). Zombi is a cool band often all around with Maserati who developed inside also different projects like Majeure very close to electronic sounds tipycal of artists like Tangerine Dream and Giorgio Moroder.

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Wed, Nov 28
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Blinded By The Moonlight
Here I am to present you Attaque brand new video under Bad Life. Dominic has a very strage story we like the end, he is becoming an amazing producer and a big column of Autokratz label Bad Life, who has inside the Future Techno style. His first EP on Bad Life was 'Light Falls' and it shook the very foundations of electronic music. Huge support from the biggest names and BBC Radio 1 followed, whilst Mixmag made it their "track of the month". I met Dominic last summer at Mysterylan I assure you he is a very nice guy focused on his music. This is Blinded By The Moonlight, enjoy.

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