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Sun, Jul 21
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Utmost Good
Here we are to present “Utmost Good” the debut single of the Liverpool based trio All We Are. We don't know much more about them except the song is great and it's a fantastic suggestions of our 2012 favourites Stealing Sheep. The debut 7” is date to be released june 17th on Oscenic records. We hope to give you more news soon.

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Sat, Jul 20
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Stolen Flowers
Japanther is the music and art project of Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek, who are known for their unconventional live performances. The band has appeared alongside synchronized swimmers, atop the Williamsburg Bridge, with giant puppets and marionettes, in the back of a moving truck in Soho, and at shows with giant dinosaurs & BMX bikers flying off the walls. Having released more than a dozen albums over the past decade, Japanther released their new LP, Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart, yesterday via Recess Records!

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Fri, Jul 19
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Fill The Blanks
Italians Do It Better lately re-released a lot of its cool classics on vinyl. Glass Candy and Chromatics on top. Five years later Johnny Jewel released “After Dark 2” on may 17th. Half french, half german duo Appaloosa are part of it. Here is a brand new track “Fill The Blanks”.

pic by Cristina Altieri
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