Sat, Jul 24
under HLT Cassette - 954 reads
Epoch Flux
I'm very excited to present you the first collaboration between Hi-Lo Tunez and Akasha System. Everything started in 2020 lockdown when I started to talk to ...
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Wed, Dec 23
under HLT Cassette - 1353 reads
L M U vol.2
This is our second tape as "Lightbox of Magic Unknowledge" In a year that often felt eerily still and cataclysmic at the same time, this aural journey is full of sounds we feel are most necessary, most urgent, most healing. much love xxx Iggor & Laima & Joe. ...
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Tue, Dec 24
under HLT Cassette - 2881 reads
Lightbox of Magic Unknowledge is a brand new supergroup founded by Iggor Cavalera (Petbrick, Sepultura), Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and Laima Leyton who is fresh off her solo debut for Deewee/The Vinyl Factory. ...
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Wed, Dec 06
under HLT cassette - 4526 reads
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is the craziest band around and my favorite guitar heroes today. The aussies are engaged in the effort to release five albums in 2017 and I'm very pleased to announce the HLT cassette release of...
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Sat, Feb 25
under tracks - 4129 reads
Teen Distortion Art Junk Music
Remember what it was like being a bored teenager? The awkward feelings of being frustrated and anxious all the time. Most of us just took it out on our friends and parents, not Erik Nervous. ...
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Sat, Oct 08
under HLT compilation - 4563 reads
Contest: The HLT Plan: 22nd Step
The 8th of October is the Cassette Store Day 2016, it's also the 22nd Step of The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan. HLT present a special release on Cassette, ...
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Thu, Oct 06
under HLT compilation - 4464 reads
The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan: 21st Step
MP3s download: The Plan in ZIP file ...
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Fri, Oct 16
under HLT compilation - 97564 reads
Contest: The HLT Plan: 21th Step + Radio Soulwax
The 17th of October is the Cassette Store Day 2015, HLT present two special releases on Cassette, ...
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