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Thu, Dec 08
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Little Shocks
Veteran British indie band Kaiser Chiefs are back with a herky-jerky dose of mystery. “Little Shocks,” a sample from the group’s new album set for March 6, is certainly noisy new wave, but we’re a bit suspicious of its motives. “I don’t want much,” singer Ricky Wilson intones. “I’m happy with what I got.” That’s a great sentiment, yet the song sounds like something you would listen to while stealing important documents from a heavily-guarded government warehouse. Very sneaky, these guys.

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Tue, Dec 06
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Wintered Debts
Of Montreal is one of the most prolific bands of the world wide indie scene. They’re one of our favourites and we are proud to annunce their new album “Paralytic Stalks”. The album will coming out on february 2012 under Polyvinyl. Kevin Burnes recorded all tracks in his home studio. Here is “Wintered Debts” in advance.

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Mon, Dec 05
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You Never Come Home For Christmas (feat. Keegan DeWitt)
Holiday cheer, sure, it’s all well and good, but I love a depressing Christmas song and Caitlin Rose comes through on the countrified “You Never Come Home For Christmas.” With a light guitar strum and Zooey-meets-Patsy vocals, she sings, “You never come home for Christmas, and maybe it’s better that way.” Dang.

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