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Thu, Sep 16
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Psychic Charms (The Phenomenal Handclap Band REMIX)
Neon Indian’s “Psychic Chasms” has been run through so many refits, there’s a version for just about any kind of day you’re having. If you’re gearing up to host a major dinner party, We’d like to recommend this remix by The Phenomenal Hand Band to guide you through the last few moments of hors d’oeuvres prep. If we had to invent a new genre, then this would be power rock disco—every sound in place to keep you nimbly on your dancing feet, but also space to bust out a gnarly air guitar. Its urgency really makes it the perfect jam for racing to the finish line of whatever you’re trying to accomplish, if you’re not already on dance floor. And if the thing you’re trying to champion is some new moves, then even better.

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Fri, Sep 17
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Floating Vibes (Twin Shadow REMIX)
We just put ‘Surfer Blood Futureheads’ into Google and apparently We’re the only one who sees the connection between the East Coast lo-fi troop and Sunderland’s post-punk yelpers. This Twin Shadow remix of “Floating Vibes” kind of sounds like The Police and Everything Everything too—is Florida a lot like North East England? We guess there’s something about heartfelt melodies delivered with mechanically tight rigour that blinds you to the differences between fake and real tan.

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Thu, Sep 30
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Jamelia (Caribou cover)
Sometimes the most unlikely pairings make for the most interesting outcomes. This could not be truer in the case of Toronto’s Bonjay. The duo will release their Broughtupsy mini-album October 5, 2010. We offered a preview track, “Stumble,” which was a perfect introduction to the world of Bonjay with its chopped up sirens, irresistible beat, and a voice from singer Alanna Stuart that is as commanding as it is seductive. Now you can hear Bonjay’s rendition of Caribou’s “Jamelia” as they take this dreamy track and rework it for the dancefloor, giving it their signature dancehall-indie flair.

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