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Sun, Aug 29
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Who Took The Pill (Waiting Magnolia Parade)
Bonaparte live @Magnolia Parade the 3rd of September, Milano

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Thu, Aug 26
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More Or Less (Banjo Or Freakout Remix)
Known more for quietly beguiling, emotionally misplaced reworkings of acts like LCD Soundsystem and Burial, Banjo Or Freakout offers something more upfront here with his take on The Soft Pack’s “More Or Less”—so that means vocals split and reversed to sound like Christian conspiracy theories, onerous sub-bass and cumulative, absorbing synth swirl. Music to transport.

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Thu, Aug 26
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Did you know that No Age, one of the many great bands currently recording for the Sub Pop label, have a new record called Everything in Between coming out on CD and LP on September 28th? Well, they do! And, not only is Everything in Between a huge step in the creative evolution of the band, a culmination of life-threatening and life-celebrating experiences, an album that reflects the process of moving through these experiences, emerging better off for the wear and tear; in short, a revelatory new No Age album, but the packaging for both the CD and LP formats is exceptionally handsome. The LP has a full-on 12"x12", 48-page book integrated into the LP sleeve, and the mini-gatefold CD includes two attached 10”x10” fold-out posters. Both were designed by Brian Roettinger, the same guy who did the packaging for the previous No Age album, Nouns, and received a Grammy nomination for his efforts. They are both really nice, is what we’re trying to show you about.

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