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Tue, Apr 10
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End Of Time (Lvca remix)
Here is new Lvca remix of “End Of Time” by Beyonce. It comes with a downloadable 320k mp3 file. We already posted Lvca’s remixes for Chris Brown and Uffie in past, check them out!

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Tue, Apr 10
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Venere (original mix)
Here we are to present Deface brand new video. The italian producer, most known for his dark funk techno made an atomic Ep under Crux records. Deface has produced three original tracks and brought a long three amazing remixes from Black Noise, Italian new comer PTN, and Dim Mak’s own Doc Trashz.

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Tue, Apr 10
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Royce Bayce (Hudson Mohawke remix)
Dross Glop include several 12” Battles releases made to remix the whole Gloss Drop second album. The 21st is the annual Record Store Day, Battles will release the 4th episode of Dross Glop saga that day. Here is remix preview of “Rolls Bayce” made by Hudson Mohawke.

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