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Wed, Jun 29
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I found this alternative version of Civilization. This remix is re-named Anti-Civilization and it's not signed, but some rumors seems drive to Tyler de Naag, a dj based in Milan a strange and dark figure that organize illegal events in the suburbs of the city.

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Wed, Jun 29
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Black Water
Techno be damned. OK, maybe not always, but that seems to be the sentiment as Apparat (real name Sascha Ring) continues his march away from Berlin towards a uniquely resonant electronic pop. On "Black Water," Ring returns with his usual sonic detail but trades the rule book for the heart. The second slice of Apparat's fourth album, The Devil's Walk, to be released September 27 on Mute, this track enacts a steady crescendo with sturdy bass, through-the-wall trumpets, top-shelf electronic experimentation and an elegant vocal melody that grows right along with its emotional bombast.

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Wed, Jun 29
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Watch Me Dance (Sebastian remix)
Toddla T = ravey pinball wizard. Roots Manuva = Britdub rapper. SebastiAn = Parisian electrobanger. Toddla T's "Watch Me Dance" with Roots Manuva remixed by SebastiAn? A factory-built wall of chilly bleeps, bank robber alarms, and crunchy bass. No undulations, no frills, and no progressionójust angry, robotic noise that your parents will never, ever understand. Play it until Toddla T's new LP drops on Ninja Tune later this summer. Or until the ceiling caves in. Whichever happens first.

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