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Mon, Sep 17
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Cherokee + EU Tour 2012
Brand new Cat Power video is out directed by Chan. Cat Power vs. Aliens, Zombies or something like that?! Is about the hope of a new society constititution, that can change this terrible but also beautiful planet, called Earth? Who knows? The video's landscapes remind me to post-atomic, cyberpunk movies of Mad Max, well Chan Marshall is not Mel Gibson at all, she has no beard, I assure you and then Mel Gibson is not going to do the following gigs ;) . Cat Power European Tour 2012, voilat: November 26 Amsterdam Paradiso | 28 Köln E-Werk | 29 Berlin Huxleys | 30 Hamburg Große Freiheit 36 | December 1 München Theaterfabrik | 3 Milano Alcatraz | 4 Bologna Estragon | 6 Zürich Volkshaus | 10 Paris Le Trianon | 12 London Roundhouse | 14 Brussels AB Club

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Thu, Sep 06
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Helvetia (pronunced hel-vee-shuh) is our band of the week. Originating in Seattle WA, and currently living in Portland, Helvetia is going to release their 7th album. Helvetia began in the aftermath of the droning, atmospheric group Duster (Up records). Jason Albertini and bandmate Conaan Dove Amber formed the group with the revolving cast contributors, which at times has included members of Built To Spill and Dinosaur Jr. "Nettles" is the new official video from their album "Nothing In Rambling". The new album is available on cd, digital, vinyl (red or black wax) and cassette. Pre-order at [ ]. Release date: september 11th.

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Wed, Aug 29
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“Quarantine” is the brand new single taken from the third Bonaparte album “Sorry We’re Open” (out now!). They are considered a circus troupe more than a band. I saw them on stage a lot of times, I assure you they are a band! “Quarantine” makes it clear then, where we are going: into a seething maelstrom of sweaty blues-rock, trembles with a crackling electrical storm.

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