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Wed, Jul 28
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Surfing into earshot on a tide of xylophone chimes come Tokyo foursome The Suzan, an all-girl quartet whose excursions into summery indie-pop, ESG-styled dance grooves and punky guitar jangle impressed Peter, Bjorn and John’s Bjorn Yttling so immediately he agreed to produce their debut album over MySpace message. New single “Home” is a brilliant introduction to that full-length.

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Thu, Jul 29
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Ivory Tower (A New Feature Film Written and Produced by Chilly Gonzales!)
Check Out “I Am Europe” Music Video/ Film Trailer hereunder. Chilly Gonzales has been creating magic behind the scenes of some of the past decade’s favorite artists (Feist, Peaches, Jamie Lidell), has established himself as a worldwide entertainer renowned for his Piano Talk Shows (recently ones with Andrew WK, A-Trak, Sia) and holds the Guinness World Record for longest solo concert (27+ hours!). So what is left for him to tackle, you may ask? Writing and producing a feature-length FILM, of course!!

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Thu, Jul 29
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Where I'm Going
Apparently where Cut Copy are going is a place where classic rock radio plays all the time and tap water is actually lemonade. This MP3–the first hint of their new, as-yet-unfinished record–is pure flower child pop: rag tag drums, tie-dye melody and those keyboards from “Baba O’Riley” that sound like they could fill the sky.

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