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Tue, Apr 27
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Divisive (Carl Craig Remix)
There are distinct Carl Craig trademarks in his remix of We Have Band's "Divisive"—the high-frequency sprays, the machinist instrumentation—but it also flirts with uncharacteristic things like tubby 808s, hand drums, and elastic horn samples. It's like the master of cold, faceless techno finally found his way to the beach.

Sun, Apr 25
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Fresh Hex (feat. Beck)
As a member of psychedelic/electronic indie pop outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow, enigmatic Pennsylvania-based artist Tobacco cast summery spells with analog synths and tape machines. As a solo artist, Tobacco employs many of the same styles and strategies that fuel his work with the band, but with a darker, more fractured edge. Integrating elements of hip-hop, electro, and experimental rock. Taken from "Maniac Meat" Fresh Hex is featuring the man who reinvented the word songwriter during the 90's: BECK.

Fri, Apr 23
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USA Boys
“USA Boys” was recorded at former tourmate Trent Reznor’s home studio with Alan Moulder at the mixing desk, a guy who’s produced Depeche Mode, My Bloody Valentine, and a grip of other crushingly coarse, wonderfully hi-fi records. let us also say that this is a HEALTH song like few others–dirge-slow and beaty, if not completely refuting their love of strobscopic textures.

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