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Tue, Jun 29
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Die Slow (Tobacco REMIX)
Health’s “Die Slow” really flaunted the band's trademark haunted melodies over spine-breaking beats, so we’re rather impressed with Tobacco’s transmogrifying remix in which slapping on a gritty ‘90s era balm and turning down the screws resulted in this slowish, hip-banging anthem. Ever dance underwater? Try it below. The oft-lauded Crystal Castles collaborators are dropping their next, DISCO2, on June 22 through Lovepump United. Here is Health and Tobacco 2 of our favourites.

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Tue, Jun 29
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Wait Up (Boots Of Danger) (Passion Pit REMIX)
"Wait Up (Boots Of Danger)" might as well be indie whippersnappers Tokyo Police Club's calling card: barreling rhythms, clanging guitars, a melody you're not forgetting after one listen–these are things the Canadian foursome do very well. Upcoming tourmates Passion Pit, on the other hand, keep things in the computer for their remix, swapping guitar, bass, and drums for their usual merry parade of beats and synths. Both incarnations are below; Tokyo Police Club's new album, Champ, is out June 8 through Mom + Pop.

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Tue, Jun 29
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Loss For Words (Solvent’s CompuRhythm Remix)
Technology and relationships don’t really go well together. Tablets, smartphones, laptops, the attention vortex of the Internet–an addiction to these things can tear people apart, and this is the essential premise of Solvent’s “Loss For Words.” Some food for thought there, but lest we send you away without an MP3, here’s Solvent’s own CompuRhythm mix, wherein his synth-pop receives a slight facelift of blips and bleeps.

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