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Mon, Feb 11
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Stealin' Your Soul
We started long time ago to speak about these Turbofunk heroes. Reset! still going on the tracks, focusing on more releases than the past. A brand new ep for Ministry of Sound Australia is out! This is their super cool new video of "Stealin' Your Soul" that include a lot of groove, as usual in every Reset! track and a lot of happiness for everybody.

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Tue, Feb 12
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Amplified Ease
Darkstar new release "News From Nowhere" is ready. Three years of hiatus to have a second album that is going to be their debut on legendary Warp records. This is the brand new video "Amplified Ease" directed by Drew Cox.

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Tue, Feb 12
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Open Sign
They are UUVVWWZ, an avant-blues quartet from Lincoln Nebraska, comprised of Teal Gardner, Jim Schroeder, Dustin Wilbourn, and David Ozinga. They have been playing as UU for five years and have put out one album previously, a self-titled record that was screech-cronky, clubbier, and babier than our current work. "The Trusted Language" is the brand new album under Saddle Creek and this is our video of the week "Open Sign".

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