Wed, Aug 08
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Cherokee (Nicolas Jaar remix)
Chan Marshall is going to realease a new album of original songs, after 6 long years . Sun will coming out the first week of september under ...
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Thu, Aug 02
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Frank O'Hara Hit
Itís quiet impossible to define Thurston Moore carrier, heís one of the most if not the most influent ...
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Tue, Jul 31
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Today's Supernatural
Here is the to present the brand new single from one of the most exciting independent bands of the late years. Animal Collective ...
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Tue, Jul 24
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The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan: 17th Step
MP3s download: The Plan in ZIP file ...
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Tue, Jul 03
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Iím quiet sure Iím telling you something you will be disappointed, Micachu And The Shape is the best Rough ...
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Mon, Jun 18
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Sun is the first album of original material from Cat Power in over six years. Chan Marshall performed and produced Sun herself in various locations including a studio she ...
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Mon, Jun 18
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The most controversy rock band on the planet is goin to try to beat a Guinness World Record. The Melvins are preparing the fastest US Tour ever, fifty-one shows in fifty state (plus one in the US Capital, Washington D.C.), in fifty days. Buzz Osbourne, singer of the band, will present the tour on ...
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Mon, Jun 18
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Tiny Desk Concert
Warp are pleased to announce the signing of Mount Kimbie, the two-piece comprised of Kai Campos and Dom Maker. The duo has released a handful of EPs, as well as the critically acclaimed 2010 full length Crooks & Lovers, and is currently working on their first Warp release. They ...
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