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Thu, Mar 08
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My Women, My Guitars (Cody ChesnuTT cover)
That Time I Dug So Deep I Ended Up In China features single “Who’s Gonna Love Me,” a slow-building pop gem that battles intimate issues like insecurity and abandonment, with a "fuck-you” attitude. “Happy People” is a soulful and bittersweet song evoking an earlier time, when life was simple and free from complication. “Joaquin Phoenix” is a one-take-love-song to the decadent actor that Soso recorded impulsively after watching his mockumentary “I'm Still Here” in 2010. The record is also cut with a number of lush preludes and semi-instrumentals, including "Sab Lackath," on which Soso recorded herself crying and edited it into rhythmic beats. It is clear that within the parameters of her technique, Soso truly invites us to her inner most private places.

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Mon, Feb 27
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Arctic Monkeys send to us this morning a brand new indedit track included in a super rock n'roll video. There are no other news all around the track new albums or something like. Hope you enjoy it.

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Mon, Feb 27
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What'll It Take
Here is the brand new video made for new Graham Coxon's new single "What'll It Take". The video is made up of over 80 competition winners from 22 countries who sent in clips to be part of the video - can you spot anyone you know in there?

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