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Tue, May 22
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Born To
Approaching the release of her eagerly anticipated album The House That Jack Built (due out June 26th via Bella Union) Jesca Hoop releases the video for her first single from the album “Born To,”. The video features two versions of Jesca and illustrates the “what if?” “Born To” asks a question we’ve all asked ourselves “how is it that I was born into the circumstances I was born into. How is it some of us are born into famine and others into unimaginable wealth?”

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Mon, Apr 16
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Get Free (feat. Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors)
Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors join Diplo and Switch’s Major Lazer to sing their new single Get Free. You can download the new track for free; sign in your email at

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Tue, Apr 10
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Time On Time
Giardini di Mirò started at the end of the 90’s becoming one of the earliest european post rock acts, defenetely one of the most important internationals of the italian independent scene. It’s the kind of band able to develope their music during years in different ways, maintaining their own sound on the way. GDM are one of the first I can remember to release remixes of whole albums contributing with big electronic producers, such as DNTEL (The Postal Service ndr.), Apparat, Styrofoam, Isan just to name a few, soundtracking Il Fuoco mute movie from the 1915. They played gigs all over the world making collaborations with a lot of voices and including little pieces of italian obscure writing. This is “Time On Time” brand new video taken from Good Luck new album featuring Sara Lov of Dévics and many others.

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