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Mon, Feb 20
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††† is the side project of Deftones singer Chino Moreno. Along with Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and Scott Chuck, Moreno recorded the group’s debut EP last year, releasing it for free in October. A second release, EP ††, followed last month, showcasing the trio’s moody electro-rock sound. “Prurien†,” a track from the new EP, pairs grandiose guitar lines with this atmospheric instrumentation and Moreno’s pensive vocals, resulting in an emotive number that lingers after it stops playing.

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Mon, Feb 20
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Lafaye (Scissor Sisters remix)
Well, this is rad. Disco-slayers Scissor Sisters have refitted School Of Seven Bells’ newest dream “Lafaye” with tick tock beats and android synths and then rammed the whole thing through a bedazzled sausage grinder. What curls out the other end is an oily dance casing filled with bits of snaps, slinky echoes and buzzy, broken samples, which eventually fade into the familiar enchantress vocals of the original. Would-be butchers pay attention: this is how a remix is done. Find more goodies with a pre-order on iTunes, while we ponder how we can turn “dance sausage” into a real thing.

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Mon, Jan 09
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Youth Lagoon, a project from Boise bedroom popster Trevor Powers, understands the emotional heft that comes with a slow-burning crescendo. Take “July,” which just received a surprisingly bloody video treatment. It’s a reverb-drenched torch song that’s perfect for a post-breakup drive through the mountains or napping in a pile of leaves. And of course, his aptly-named debut, The Year Of Hibernation, is out now via Fat Possum.

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