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Wed, Jun 25
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Planet Earth (Duran Duran cover)
Manimal Vinyl evolved from label to a lot of things during years specially a management agency for young artists in the fabulous world of the independent music. We have to recognise to the label a couple of things, a good taste in music the king of we to say thanks if Bat For Lashes is known, and an big love for Duran Duran that they tribute with an amazing compilation some time ago. Here is another new act of the Manimal Vinyl, Luxxury working on Planet Earth, first single of the fab four from Birmingham.

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Wed, Oct 09
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Donut Shop Bounce
This is a special collaboration between the atomic punk duo Japanther and legendary rapper Cheeky Blakk. There's no way you can't move your ass! This track is the dope!

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Sun, Oct 06
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Tres Cabrones (advance preview)
The Melvins is going to release their second album in 2013 giving a super suprise, The new album reunite the 1983 line up of the band moving Dale Crover on bass and bringing back on drums Mike Dillard. "Tres Cabrones" release date is November 5th under Mike Patton's Ipecac Recordings. Here are a couple of advances 'City Dump' and 'American Cow'.

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