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Sat, Nov 28
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The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan: 12th Step
MP3s download: The Plan in ZIP file

cover by: Steve Quenell

01. Set Guitars To Kill
(And So I Watch You From Afar - Smalltown America)
02. Hunchback
(Kurt Vile - Matador / Testostertunes)
03. My Arms Don't Bend That Way Damn It
(Let's Wrestle - Stolen)
04. Poison Control
(Royal Bangs - Audio Eagle / City Slang)
05. Memory
(Zoot Woman - ZWR)
06. Another Woman
(Ancient Sky - The Perpetual Motion Machine)
07. Damage Control
(The Idle Hands - unsigned)
08. Dark Harbourzz
(Johnny Foreigner - Best Before)
09. Edge Of Our Lives
(Holiday Shores - Two Syllable)
10. Deadbeat
(A Place To Bury Strangers - Mute)
11. Where Is My Dragon
(Felix - Kranky)
12. I Say What I See
(The Victorian English Gentlemens Club - The Flower Shop)
13. 100 Flowers
(Lovvers - Wichita)
14. Some Glad Day
(Brian Harnetty feat. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - RuminanCe)

special thanks to:
Charlene Hegarty, Mike Holdsworth & Merida, Richie & Kurt, Ben Wileman, Paul Hansbarger, Adam Blake, Steven Matrick & Leslie Hermelin, Chris Summerline & Lauren Barley, Brian Kerr, Anthony Shaw, Jody White & Tim Pagel, Skip Werner, Adam, Brian Harnetty, Will Oldham, Steve Quenell

The HLT Plan! is an idea by Deya Alverman, Hi-Lo Tunez ®2002

all songs are under temporary permission of the official labels or artists

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