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Tue, Oct 12
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Helicopter (Diplo & Lunice Remix)
In its original form, "Helicopter" is lush with Deerhunter's usual dreary, dreaminess. Call upon Diplo to rerub it with some electro-reggae clicks and the MPC mastery of Lunice, and you have a remix that is vibrant in spite of being very stripped down. When it starts to get a little colder outside, aren't dance music masters more than welcome to make amendments to any of our darker favorite songs? We think so.

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Fri, Oct 01
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if We Try (Broke One remix)
Reset! is another fabulous sensation from Italy who's going to break the dance market. Here is a special remix from another great newcomer mr Broke One who joined other artists to make a special remix concept ep for new Reset! t-shirt that you can buy here

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Fri, Oct 01
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Hold On (Oliver Twitzt remix)
Here is exclusive from Mad Decent new Oliver Twitzt remix for Rusko's Hold On who launch the new north american tour.

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