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Thu, Apr 12
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Slave To Your Heart [feat. Jeremy Glenn] (Broke One remix)
Zimmer’s music is a feel good, body-warming and enthusiastic wave that goes straight to the heart and stays until the end of the night. Blending 70s Disco, 80s Funk and 90s House, his influences range from George Benson to Crystal Waters. Though oozing with the feel of classic Detroit and Chicago house, the music of Italy’s Broke One transcends either nostalgic location. Jeremy Glenn personifies the contemporary music mentality with all of its forms and functions. This is a super hit coming from Discotexas included this week in Beatport’s 10 Must Hear House Tracks.

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Mon, Apr 16
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Get Free (feat. Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors)
Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors join Diplo and Switch’s Major Lazer to sing their new single Get Free. You can download the new track for free; sign in your email at

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Sat, May 19
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Mountain + Financial District
Gold Panda released a new 7” working on a minimal techno style, is a work issued around the record store day and I like the idea to let you listen to the 2 new tracks in streaming, enjoy.

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