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Wed, Jun 01
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The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan: 15th Step
MP3s download: The Plan in ZIP file

cover by: Casey Deming

01. Eleven
(Thao & Mirah - Kill Rock Stars)
02. Defender
(Tahiti 80 - Human Sounds)
03. A Wall, A Century
(Thee Oh Sees - In The Red)
04. Most Days
(Mazes - Fat Cat)
05. Get Gone
(31 Knots - Polyvinyl)
06. Filthy Love
(We Are Enfant Terrible - Last Gang)
07. Ghost in The Park
(Young Rival - Sonic Unyon)
08. Water
(Heypenny - Unsigned)
09. Everything Looks Better In The Sun
(Obits - Sub Pop)
10. So Tired In The Morning
(Erland And The Carnival - Full Time Hobby)
11. A Problem Is A Problem Don't Matter Where You From
(The Death Set - Ninja Tune)
12. Flags
(Who Are You - Disques Nomade)
13. To Ardent
(Black Devil Disco Club feat. Nancy Sinatra - Lo)
14. Easy Action
(The Alps - Mexican Summer)

special thanks to:
Mark Jiggsaw, Jonathan Partch, Simon Pelletier-Gilbert, Hayley Absalom, Carly Starr, Frank Hill, Noah & Sean, Keith Abrahamsson, Udi Radomsky, Maggie Veil, Benoit Tregouet, Mederic and Daniele Pedruzzi, Clare, Johnny Dwyer, Jan Lankish, Casey Deming.

The HLT Plan! is an idea by Deya Alverman, Hi-Lo Tunez ®2002

all songs are under temporary permission of the official labels or artists

click here to watch our previous steps

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Tue, May 10
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Modern Art
The Mark Ronson-produced Arabia Mountain, out June 7 on Vice, finds Black Lips sounding a lot like the Fun House incarnation of the Stooges, but with surprising twists. With a fuzzy lead guitar playing something very close to the Phrygian scale that is so common in Arabic and Egyptian music, as well as surf-rock lyrics like “Let’s go out and find the ocean ‘cause I think we need a swim”—“Modern Art” is, in turns, a stylistic statement and a fun rock song.

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Tue, May 10
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Indigo Child (Stereolab remix)
No Joy's noise is a knot to unravel. The pair, whose debut album Ghost Blonde arrived through Mexican Summer May 2, deal in the sort of obfuscatory squalls that make you wish your ears could use the same zoom lens that cameras have blessed eyes with, and the original version of "Indigo Child" is no different to that. But here, remixed by Stereolab, the air clears, the microscope closes in—who knew that No Joy x Stereolab = Blank Dogs + Nite Jewel?

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