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Wed, Jul 27
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You Make The Sun Fry
Goodbye Bread, the new album by rocker-for-life Ty Segall, is the definition of a grower. On first listen, it almost seems too familiar, but as the songs stack and slowly unfold, you realize something special is going on. This is a songwriter at peak strength with great arrangements, surprising turns and the ability to flip something so clearly pegged to sweaty live performances into a studio treat. Check "You Make The Sun Fry" -- a track which matches the grimy blues-rock glory of early Rolling Stones or Captain Beefheart's Safe As Milk with a dose of '90s sunny slacker posturing. Goodbye Bread is available now on Drag City.

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Sun, Jul 24
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Live in Roma, july 22nd 2011, super show
I love Primal Scream music and I saw 4/5 gigs in the past, amazing experiences all time. I was going in Rome to see their Screamadelica tour thinking about the weather the beautiful Rome but I never thought to see a show like that. The Auditotium is an amazing place and people can stay close the stage, well is quiet incredible, all the people start to go on stage to dance during the encore, no way for security to calm down the crowd under the bit of “Rocks”. The end? Bobbie Gillespie over the drum the crowd all around the band on stage and probably the kind of show that will remain in the Primal Scream history. The sound of the video is a shit but I didn't plan to film something like that.

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Wed, Jul 20
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How Deep Is Your Love?
The first track off the new album from The Rapture, entitled “How Deep is Your Love?”, has quickly proven itself as the standout feel-good jam of the Summer. Already garnering overwhelming critical acclaim, the band is making it available to their fans.

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