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Sun, Apr 05
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Living In A Shrinking Hell
Mile Me Deaf third album 'Eerie Bits Of Future Trips' will come out on april 22nd 2015 under Siluh Records. They are delivering fuzzy lo-fi tunes with a quirky twist without taking themselves all too serious. Here is a fantastic advance preview.

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Wed, Apr 01
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Per Shooner Agro
Packing 7 songs into 6 minutes, The Rabbit's Voice EP picks up right where Honey Radar's buzzed 2014 album Chain Smoking on Easter left off, with a rapid-fire assortment of garage pop miniatures and half-conscious song sketches that sound like they were beamed from an alternate reality AM radio station.

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Mon, Mar 30
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Stoic Resemblance
The Helio Sequence new self titled album comes out May 19th, 2015 on Sub Pop Records. Get an 11 song B-Side bonus disc when pre-ordering from Sub Pop. Here is the brand new song Stoic Resemblance taken from 'S/T' and The Witness [demo], taken from 'The Sunrise Demo' bonus disc.

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