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Sat, Dec 10
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Brand new video for Appaloosa, the paris/london duo, who made releases under Kitsuné and Italians Do It Better with special remix by Glass Candy, is ready with a new Ep under portugal’s Discotexas. One of favourite Cat Power’s band recently appeared during the fashion week in Milano in a super show for D&G. Patchwork it’s a dreaming electro pop song perfect for wintertime.

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Fri, Dec 09
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Happy In Bits
It's hard to think of a band whose music gives a more thrillingly clear picture of what living in 21st century Britain is actually like than Prinzhorn Dance School. The duo have played to ecstatic crowds across Europe and now Tobin Prinz (voice, guitar, drums) and Suzi Horn (voice, bass, drums) are bringing their unique brand of encouragingly hopeful tunes to the US. Prinzhorn Dance School’s second record, Clay Class, will be released January 31st on DFA Records.

Prinzhorn Dance School / Happy In Bits from DFA Records on Vimeo.

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Thu, Dec 08
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Little Shocks
Veteran British indie band Kaiser Chiefs are back with a herky-jerky dose of mystery. “Little Shocks,” a sample from the group’s new album set for March 6, is certainly noisy new wave, but we’re a bit suspicious of its motives. “I don’t want much,” singer Ricky Wilson intones. “I’m happy with what I got.” That’s a great sentiment, yet the song sounds like something you would listen to while stealing important documents from a heavily-guarded government warehouse. Very sneaky, these guys.

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