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Thu, Apr 01
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The Plot
Danish trio Who Made Who move along the post-punk revival continuum from approximately 1979 (all those recent bands who sound more than a little like early Gang of Four) to approximately 1981: the stiff angularity of the initial post-punk scene is softened into a disco-fied, synthed-out take on dance music, sometimes turning into a full-on kind of brittle white-boy funk. The Plot is the video for the second single from the homonymous album issued by Gomma Records in 2009.

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Fri, Apr 02
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Plus Minus comes from the experience of the 90's noise band Versus. more oriented in electronicmusic and opener for our anniversay 10th step, we hope they could have a lot of success.

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Sat, Apr 03
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Tenen Non Neue
Duchess Says @ Mange ta Ville, super live performance, one of the most crazy canadians of the late years.

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