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Mon, Nov 15
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Live @Werchter [full show]
It's monday, it's autumn I need to relax myself and this is an amazing post for all HLT followers a super special complete show of one of the most incredible post rock bands on planet earth, ladies and gentlemen TORTOISE live.

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Tue, Nov 16
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Prepare to Fight
It's an incredible monday, here we are again to present Raset! the italian crew that is gonna to conquest UK. Here we are to give you 2 pair of tickets for the party @The Nest in London, this friday 19th and 2 copies of the new Cheap Thrills Volume 2 compilation that include Reset! and many others incredible acts.

To celebrate this event HLT present in advance a preview taken from their forthcoming "Prepare To Fight" EP under Cheap Thrills. all UK dates here under.

Send an email telling us in the object RESET CONTEST and if you want the tickets or the cd we will post the winners on thursday in comments. We send cd worldwide.

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Fri, Nov 19
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The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan: 14th Step
MP3s download: The Plan in ZIP file

01. Masa
(Adebisi Shank - Richter Collective)
02. Mindlessnesslessness
(Hot Panda - Mint Records)
03. Bottle of Rain
(Axel And The Farmers - Bleep Machine / PIAS)
04. Sunlight Cardigan
(Pond - Hole In The Sky)
05. Birds
(Bars Of Gold - Friction Records)
06. Car Crash
(Telekinesis - Morr Music / Merge)
07. My Trophy
(Le Futur Pompiste - Shelflife Records)
08. Fever Dreaming
No Age - Sub Pop)
09. Sequins
(Abe Vigoda - Bella Union)
10. Hanging From Above
(Figurines - Morning Side Records)
11. Selfish Boy
(Caribou - City Slang / Merge)
12. Look Alive
(Indian Jewelry - Now We Are Free)
13. Fallen By Watch Bird
(Jane Weaver - Twisted Nerve / Finder Keepers Records)
14. When We Were Old
(The Industries - Unsigned)
15. Waiting
(Cheyenne Marie Mize - SonaBLAST!)
16. Indifference Speaks Louder Than Anger
(Goonies Never Say Die - Deep Elm)

special thanks to:
Peter Anthony Corway, Bill Baker, Vincent Nayrolles, Jodie Regan, Kate, Brandon, Carly Starr, Mark Byrne, Simon Raymonde, Jesper Brodersen, Doug Shipton, Jane Weaver, Jeffrey Smith, John, Tim Pagel, Flow, Danny J. Gibson.

The HLT Plan! is an idea by Deya Alverman, Hi-Lo Tunez ®2002

all songs are under temporary permission of the official labels or artists

click here to watch our previous steps

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