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Mon, Jun 18
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Tiny Desk Concert
Warp are pleased to announce the signing of Mount Kimbie, the two-piece comprised of Kai Campos and Dom Maker. The duo has released a handful of EPs, as well as the critically acclaimed 2010 full length Crooks & Lovers, and is currently working on their first Warp release. They have previously done several rounds of US shows in 2010 and 2011 which included gigs at SXSW and a performance at Coachella 2011. Kai and Dom set about turning London’s ambience into rhythm, its chaos into coherence. Traces of influence remain – the hard-earned spaces of Burial and The Bug live with the berserk melodrama of Xiu Xiu and Grouper’s sad-eyed glow, D’Angelo’s pervert soul gets cleansed in the intimacy of Phil Elvrum’s Microphones, Angelo Badalamenti’s swollen ‘Twin Peaks’ atmospheres find a cradle in Madlib’s lax lope. Here is the special Tiny Desk Concert, Mont Kimbie played april 18th 2011.

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Fri, Jun 01
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4th June 2012 Live, Alcatraz, Milano
Here we are to present one of the most magical indie rock artists of the late decade. Death Cab For Cutie on tour. After 6 years from the legendary concert at Rainbow, they come back in Milano for an unique gig at Alcatraz, monday 4th of june 2012. Here is a preview:

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Fri, Jun 01
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I'll Be Your Mirror (Velvet Underground cover)
Yacht make fresh music, taking care of a lot of tunes of the past. It’s a super suprise to listen to how the Velvet Underground influence for the duo made possible this cover. Claire L. Evens takes the Nico’s role Jona Bechtolt define the Yacht style on the track.

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