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Mon, Jan 14
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Palazzo D'Inverno
Here we are to talk about Crono again, the mixtape we posted last autumn in reference of his new show was only a small preview of what he was working on, and hard winter in which the new year start with his debut Ep 'Palazzo d'Inverno', the name is a reference to the official residence of the Tzar, built by Francesco Bartolome Rastrelli. It is an enigmatic arpeggiated trip that carries us into the utopian landscapes of long-forgotten sounds and imageries. Crono is the first italian to sign a record deal with Jennifer Cardini's Correspondant, the label that came out from the famous Parisien party, and delivered by Kompakt. Good luck Crono, we love your tunez.

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Mon, Jan 14
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Before We Run
It's today and tomorrow! Yo La Tengo releases their 18th album of their wonderful history the first in 4th years. Yo La Tengo was one of the first bands to sign a record deal with Matador in 1993 and after 20 years still remain a wall of the indie label from Hoboken, despite Interpol, Pavement, Cat Power, Sonic Youth and all the others of Matador roster, Yo La Tengo never been so famous never been so fashion but never been outdated. It's incredible how Yo La Tengo mantain their value during years, making wonderful records all time, remaining the nice persons of the past. Yo La Tengo is definitive indie cult band, the kind of influenced a lot of artists staying out of the lights.

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Thu, Jan 03
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Fuzz's Fourth Dream + This Time I Got a Reason
Fuzz is the new project that include long time friends Ty Segall vox and drums and mr. Charles Moonhart on guitar, here is the brand new debut (sold out yet!) 7 under Troble In Mind records. The duo will play at Burgerama II on march 22. If you like Black Sabbath and Blue Cheer, you will appreciate

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