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Tue, Jul 01
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Shoelace Episode: Hugo's Theme (Prelude)
Positivity’s easier to ruin than restore but Perth fantasy windsurfer John William Tanner’s elusive soft rock miniatures under the Eleventeen Eston handle evoke, in his own words, “a type of optimism and sincerity that exists (or did exist) in popular music, beyond any notion of nostalgia.” Too true. The 13 themes and pleasure cruises comprising Delta Horizon, his debut, exude a loose, relaxed warmth, cyclical and sun-soaked and spacious, like the soundtrack to some mythically faded new wave instructional hang gliding video. Pastel piano melodies, funky phasered keyboard presets, rubber band basslines, and upbeat coastal Stratocaster hooks bop and weave atop lean session drum tracks, swooping from memory-hijacked Australian vacation-rock to sensual sky-lounge abstraction and back. Certain sectionals feel in league with that dusky interzone of sleek psych and smooth jazz captured on certain late 80's Innovative Communication releases, though Tanner’s own heroes hew more to breezy prog (Masayoshi Takakana) and afro-cosmos groove (Teo & Fabrizio Fattori). Whatever the roots, Delta Horizon has been a repeat jam gem ever since we heard the roughs last year, and we’re stoked to share it wide. Expect more from this waverunner before long. Mastered by Brian Pyle. Warped aerial TV landscape J-card designed by the artist.

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Mon, Jun 30
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501 - 415
Allah-Las forthcoming album 'Worship The Sun' is ready, 12 new songs of 60's surf, psychedelic and garage rock. After impressing with 2012’s self-titled debut, they’re returning this fall with its follow-up. 'Worship the Sun' due out September 16th via Innovative Leisure. Here is the brand new video for the first single '501 - 415' that is going to be released on a big hole 7".

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Sat, Jun 28
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Acrobatici Equilibri
The italian avant punk band Ultravixen come back with the new single and new entry in the line-up Dario Blatta of the dance duo Blatta & Inesha. The new 7" is going out for the legendary Wallace Records, maybe the most important indie for the italian underground music in years. There's no way you can stay sit-down, 'Acrobatici Equilibri' is a fantastic single that let you jump all over the room.

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