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Thu, Aug 20
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Erase Errata is going to release 'Lost Weekend' their first album in nine years. They came out fifteen years ago with Le Tigre such as part of the new riot girls dance punk scene, mixing indie rock, noise, dance tempos. Release date is october 19th under Kill Rock Stars.

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Sat, Aug 22
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You Can Only Get What You Want
I don't know so much about these guys. They are coming from Milwakee and this EP it's a bomb! direct like a fist in face, great guitar riffs, hope you enjoy it.

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Mon, Aug 24
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Rehumanizer II
Maserati is coming out with a new record and 'Rehumanizer II' is my track of the week. They are an unbeliavable combo between Pink Floyd and Gary Newman, they developed during years the sound from the post rock of the beginning to kraut rock and electronic stuff. I suggest you to spend time to listen to all their records, Maserati is one of the best instrumental bands all around today.

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