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Fri, Apr 02
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Plus Minus comes from the experience of the 90's noise band Versus. more oriented in electronicmusic and opener for our anniversay 10th step, we hope they could have a lot of success.

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Thu, Apr 01
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The Plot
Danish trio Who Made Who move along the post-punk revival continuum from approximately 1979 (all those recent bands who sound more than a little like early Gang of Four) to approximately 1981: the stiff angularity of the initial post-punk scene is softened into a disco-fied, synthed-out take on dance music, sometimes turning into a full-on kind of brittle white-boy funk. The Plot is the video for the second single from the homonymous album issued by Gomma Records in 2009.

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Wed, Mar 31
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Black Grease
Music video for the Austin psych rock band The Black Angels. One of the few bands of today able to create the same psychedelia of bands like Jefferson Airplain.

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