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Tue, Apr 21
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Dark Sky 'Manuka' Edit
For this year's Record Store Day, the Monkeys offer you a set of tunes released on Monkeytown Records in 2014, however freshly remixed by other Monkeytown artists in 2015: here is an Anstam edit of a Dark Sky's "manuka" taken from their debut full length "imagin".

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Sat, Aug 08
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The Upper Hand
One of the most abrasive bands in Sacred Bones roster is going to release a new album 'Negative Feedback Resistor'. After Jay Reatard dead Destruction Unit never stop to record and develop their aggressive sound. The brand new track 'The Upper Hand' is so obscure and noisy. Release date: september 18th.

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Wed, Aug 12
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Come Wander With Me / Deliverance
Critically acclaimed artisti and musician Anna Von Hausswolff is finally back with her long awaited third album 'The Miracolous'. Here is the brutal new track 'Come Wander With Me / Deliverance', ten minutes of esoteric in which Swans meets Black Sabbath.

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