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Thu, Oct 30
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Saleh EP
One of our most illustrious releases in 2014 so far, DAUWD's KINDLINN EP (KOMPAKT 295) finds a more than fitting continuation in SALEH, the London-based producer's latest push into romantic psychedelia and deep electronic dance music. Enjoy two new cuts that will turn heads in the most gentle manner, displaying all the loving care for sonic detail and melodic bravura that already transformed this artist's former efforts into celebrated standouts.

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Mon, Mar 30
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Stoic Resemblance
The Helio Sequence new self titled album comes out May 19th, 2015 on Sub Pop Records. Get an 11 song B-Side bonus disc when pre-ordering from Sub Pop. Here is the brand new song Stoic Resemblance taken from 'S/T' and The Witness [demo], taken from 'The Sunrise Demo' bonus disc.

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Wed, Apr 01
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Per Shooner Agro
Packing 7 songs into 6 minutes, The Rabbit's Voice EP picks up right where Honey Radar's buzzed 2014 album Chain Smoking on Easter left off, with a rapid-fire assortment of garage pop miniatures and half-conscious song sketches that sound like they were beamed from an alternate reality AM radio station.

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