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Mon, Jun 30
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501 - 415
Allah-Las forthcoming album 'Worship The Sun' is ready, 12 new songs of 60's surf, psychedelic and garage rock. After impressing with 2012ís self-titled debut, theyíre returning this fall with its follow-up. 'Worship the Sun' due out September 16th via Innovative Leisure. Here is the brand new video for the first single '501 - 415' that is going to be released on a big hole 7".

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Sat, Jun 28
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Acrobatici Equilibri
The italian avant punk band Ultravixen come back with the new single and new entry in the line-up Dario Blatta of the dance duo Blatta & Inesha. The new 7" is going out for the legendary Wallace Records, maybe the most important indie for the italian underground music in years. There's no way you can stay sit-down, 'Acrobatici Equilibri' is a fantastic single that let you jump all over the room.

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Wed, Jun 25
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Planet Earth (Duran Duran cover)
Manimal Vinyl evolved from label to a lot of things during years specially a management agency for young artists in the fabulous world of the independent music. We have to recognise to the label a couple of things, a good taste in music the king of we to say thanks if Bat For Lashes is known, and an big love for Duran Duran that they tribute with an amazing compilation some time ago. Here is another new act of the Manimal Vinyl, Luxxury working on Planet Earth, first single of the fab four from Birmingham.

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