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Wed, Jul 09
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Eyes Of The Muse
King Tuff third album 'Black Moon Spell' is ready, produced and mixed by Bobby Harlow at Studio B in Los Angeles, release date september 22nd on Sub Pop. Here is the first single 'Eyes Of The Muse' that sounds like a gnarly rock anthem, enjoy.

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Thu, Jul 03
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Bodies Made Of
Parquet Courts second album 'Sunbathing Animal' is going faster in all charts. It's quiet strange to think about a born diy band that reached #55 in billboard albums chart with their third album. We loved to have Parquet Courts in the 19th step of the plan, here is a pill from their third album.

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Wed, Jul 02
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Completed in just two weeks between the sub-zero conditions of commuter town Cornwall, New York and the heart of Brooklyn, Wooden Aquarium marks the apex at which Mazesí music to date meets. Recorded completely live and laid down entirely onto beautifully thick two-inch tape, the trio also had company in enlisting the skills of Parquet Courtsí producer Jonathan Schenke. Here is the first atomic single 'Astigmatism'.

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