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Thu, Aug 26
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Another Strike Restrained (Sadguitarius Remix)
This remix by Sadguitarius aka Ben Goldwasser of MGMT appears on Violens’ Summer 2010 Mixtape, a compendium of goth/gaze classics and newer related jams the band released to drum up anticipation for their debut LP, Amoral. It slides in comfortably between MGMT’s now-overt acid weirdness and Violens’ mid-eighties England fascination—an updated, fashion-less take on rainy day drama-rock.

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Fri, Aug 06
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The Hair Song
A title like that befits something of equal simplicity and gusto, and “The Hair Song“‘s unhinged, tobacco-stained, porch-friendly swing is about as direct and meaty as Black Mountain get. The Vancouver quintet’s new album, Wilderness Heart, is due out September 4 through Jagjaguwar. It has a shark on the cover, which obviously symbolizes its face-eating powers.

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Fri, Aug 06
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Live @Madison Square Garden, AUG 5TH 2010
Arcade Fire live at Madison Square Garden directed by Terry Gilliam, no more things to say.

Pre-Show, Behind the Scenes
Empty Room ft. Owen
Wake Up
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