Sat, Apr 03
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Tenen Non Neue
Duchess Says @ Mange ta Ville, super live performance, one of the most crazy canadians of the late years. ...
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Fri, Apr 02
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Plus Minus comes from the experience of the 90's noise band Versus. more oriented in electronic...
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Thu, Apr 01
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The Plot
Danish trio Who Made Who move along the post-punk revival continuum from approximately 1979 (all those recent bands who sound more than ...
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Wed, Mar 31
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Black Grease
Music video for the Austin psych rock band The Black Angels. One of the few bands of today able to ...
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Tue, Mar 30
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Even In The Rain
Brand New video for the Fiery Furnaces, band born in Brooklyn originally from Illinois, this prolific duo made by ...
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Tue, Mar 30
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Cold Water
First video from the debut album 'All The While'. Frances is one of the best pop sensations from ...
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Mon, Mar 29
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Salt, Peppa and Spinderella
Single from the album "Waited Up 'Til It Was Light", third album of this noise-pop from UK. ...
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Sun, Mar 28
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Vampire Beats
New video for the band The Mae Shi. From the DVD "Lock the skull, load the gun". ...
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