Thu, Dec 15
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Hardcore Or Die
It was the beginning of August 2011, Steve [Slingeneyer ndr, SLWX+OneManParty] and I started to speak about Hard Core music, remembering tapes, 7” and many other DIY and demo tracks of our youth. After several months this kind of trip, becomes a video ...
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Mon, Dec 12
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This Is Not A Song
I don’t trust anyone these days, and Islands isn’t helping by calling their new song “This Is Not A Song.” ...
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Sat, Dec 10
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Brand new video for Appaloosa, the paris/london duo, who made releases under Kitsuné and Italians Do It Better with special remix by Glass Candy, is ready with a new Ep under ...
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Fri, Dec 09
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Happy In Bits
It's hard to think of a band whose music gives a more thrillingly clear picture of what living in 21st century Britain is actually ...
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Thu, Dec 08
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Little Shocks
Veteran British indie band Kaiser Chiefs are back with a herky-jerky dose of mystery. “Little Shocks,” a sample ...
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Thu, Dec 08
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The Unknown Faces at Father James Park
henomenal Handclap Band is preparing the release of the follow-up to their acclaimed, self-titled debut album. Form & Control, PHB’s ambitious new work ...
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Wed, Dec 07
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Where Your Head Goes
Ty Segall video premiere "Where Your Head Goes" taken from "Goodbye Bread" Drag City 2011....
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Tue, Dec 06
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The Hi-Lo Tunez Plan: 16th Step
MP3s download: The Plan in ZIP file ...
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