Mon, Aug 24
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Rehumanizer II
Maserati is coming out with a new record and 'Rehumanizer II' is my track of the week. They are an unbeliavable combo...
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Sat, Aug 22
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You Can Only Get What You Want
I don't know so much about these guys. They are coming from Milwakee and this EP it's a ...
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Thu, Aug 20
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Erase Errata is going to release 'Lost Weekend' their first album in nine years. They came out ...
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Wed, Aug 19
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Shigeto brand new EP 'Intermission' is quiet ready. 'Pulse' is the first track Ghostly ...
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Wed, Aug 19
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Mara Barenbaum aka Group Rhoda posted this new track on her soundcloud. 'Scia' is a surreal ...
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Fri, Aug 14
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If You're Scared
Together Pangea announce a brand new EP 'The Phage' coming back under Burger Records. I really ...
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Wed, Aug 12
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Come Wander With Me / Deliverance
Critically acclaimed artisti and musician Anna Von Hausswolff is finally back with her long ...
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Sat, Aug 08
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The Upper Hand
One of the most abrasive bands in Sacred Bones roster is going to release a new album 'Negative Feedback Resistor'. After ...
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