Mon, Jan 14
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Before We Run
It's today and tomorrow! Yo La Tengo releases their 18th album of their wonderful history the first in 4th years. ...
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Thu, Jan 03
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Fuzz's Fourth Dream + This Time I Got a Reason
Fuzz is the new project that include long time friends Ty Segall vox and drums and mr. Charles Moonhart on guitar, here is ...
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Thu, Dec 13
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Musteri Hinna Föllnu Steina is a work about desolation and alienation, coming out from the collaboration with songwriter Enrico Ruggeri ...
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Mon, Dec 10
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Free (The Editorial Me)
Here is a special advance preview. The amazing brand new video of Darwin Deez, The single precedes his next album ...
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Sat, Dec 08
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Moon, Happy Monkeys & hop Maniac Apes
The Assyrians are a bunch of kids whom were taking time playing in the underground rock n' roll punk scene, running different bands during late years. They made dream ...
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Tue, Dec 04
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WhoMadeWho had their way with Mark Lanegan’s “Deep Black Vanishing Train”, while Lanegan responded with a cover of WMW’s “Below the Cherry Moon”, from their latest ...
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Wed, Nov 28
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Femme Fatale (Velvet Underground cover)
The Velvet Underground & Nico album was one of the most underrated albums of its era. It was not a big success of that time, a lot of people ...
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Wed, Nov 28
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Blinded By The Moonlight
Here I am to present you Attaque brand new video under Bad Life. Dominic has a very strage story we like the end, he is becoming ...
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