Sat, May 19
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Mudhoney on tour, the legendary Seattle band is coming in Europe for some burning gigs: 5/20/12 "Nuits Sonores Festival". Transbordeur Club. Villeurbanne, France ||| 5/21/12 Bloom. Mezzago Monza e Brianza, Italy ||| 5/22/12 Circolo Degli Artisti. Rome, Italy ||| 5/23/12 Bronson Club. Ravenna, Italy ||| 5/24/12 Feierwerk. Munich, Germany ||| 5/25/12 "Festival Musiques Volantes". Cloitre des Trinitaires, France ||| 5/26/12 "I'll Be Your Mirror". Alexandra Palace. London, England, Notes: Mudhoney will play the second day of this three-day festival. Mudhoney's day is curated by Mogwai. ||| 5/27/12 "Villete Sonique Fest". Parc de la Villette. Paris, France ||| 5/28/12 Tivoli. Utrecht, Netherlands ||| 5/29/12 Het Depot. Leuven, Belgium ||| 5/30/12 La Sirene. La Rochelle, France ||| 5/31/12 "Primavera Sound Festival". Barcelona, Spain, Notes: Mudhoney is playing the second day of this four-day festival. Mudhoney will play on the ATP stage. ||| 6/1/12 Cabaret Aleatoire. Marseille, France ||| 6/2/12 "Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival". Bonn 2. Dudingen, Switzerland |||

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