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Psychic Friend
Once A Servant
Psychic Friend is Will Schwartz (Imperial Teen/Hey Willpower), Patty Schemel (Hole/Juliette Lewis) and Bo Boddie. They are debuting at this year's Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco on Friday , February 25 at Rickshaw Shop.Having spent the last few years on various dance floors around the world, Will moved to LA to pursue the now whats. He found a keyboard with a piano sound and started writing songs in his bedroom. Awakening to the alienation of the Southern California dream, he began to write big orchestrated pop songs about his transitory life, depression, love, food service, and trying to function without a twitter account. Kind of like the Brill Building re-imagined, or Carole King via Serge Gainsbourg. He asked Patty if she wanted to play drums on some song ideas, and then the inspiration began to ricochet and the temperature started to rise. Patty introduced Will to Bo who happened to have engineered some big time Grammy type stuff, and the rest is what making music is- a Psychic Friend.

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