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LCD Soundsystem
FRIDAY MAY 14TH 2010! Waiting their European tour including “!!! (chk chk chk)” as opening band, here HLT is to support and present the first italian LISTENING PARTY for an Album. A specially party to enjoy the issue of the new LCD SOUNDSYSTEM’s “This Is Happening”. A lot of Clubs and Bars all over Italy where you will join Lcd Soundsystem music this Friday, hereunder the list:

MILANO: Mono Bar, ATM Bar, San Vittore Bar, Bar Cuore, Circolo Magnolia, La Casa 139, Serendeepity (records store).

ROMA: Freni e Frizioni, Libreria Tuba, Dal Verme, Radio Cafè (Fish’n’Chips NIGHT).

BOLOGNA: Ex Forno c/o Museo Mambo, Locomotiv (opening for A Toys Orchestra LIVE), Covo, Modo Info Shop, Linea di Piazza Maggiore.

RAVENNA: Bronson (opening for Liars LIVE), Hana Bi, Fargo Cafè.

TORINO: La Drogheria, Spazio 211, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Fluido Cafè.

FERRARA: Zuni, Il Molo.

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