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Tue, Nov 16
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Prepare to Fight
It's an incredible monday, here we are again to present Raset! the italian crew that is gonna to conquest UK. Here we are to give you 2 pair of tickets for the party @The Nest in London, this friday 19th and 2 copies of the new Cheap Thrills Volume 2 compilation that include Reset! and many others incredible acts.

To celebrate this event HLT present in advance a preview taken from their forthcoming "Prepare To Fight" EP under Cheap Thrills. all UK dates here under.

Send an email telling us in the object RESET CONTEST and if you want the tickets or the cd we will post the winners on thursday in comments. We send cd worldwide.

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Mon, Nov 15
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Cloud Chaser (Phil Elvrum remix)
Phil Elv(e)rum (aka Mount Eerie, aka The Microphones) is a father of fuzzy lo-fi and his fidelity to slurred guitars is up on this remix of KIT's "Cloud Chaser". KIT hails from California and their output is usually of the sunny sort. But head north up the coast a bit and that's where this song sits, under a darkened sky, riffs disjointed. KIT's new album, Invocation, is out now.

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Fri, Nov 12
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Janos vs. Wonderland
"JŠnos vs. Wonderland," that Palmer and Allen wrote together and recorded in September in Boston with engineer Owen Curtin and produced by Amanda Palmer. Amanda discovered Allen walking home from a rehearsal in late August, Palmer met a group of Berklee summer students on the last day of the college's five-week program. She decided to take a picture of three teens who were hugging on a bench. They obliged, and as she walked away, one of the teens, Allen, ran up after her, having been told "she plays cabaret piano music." When Palmer informed him she was in the Dresden Dolls, Allen was shocked -- he had been a fan of the band for ages, and asked if she'd be interested in hearing his original piano music. With no practice spaces available, Palmer said, "My house is six blocks away. I have a piano. Let's go there." So they did. Allen performed, and his music so impressed Palmer that she asked him if she could webcast to her fans on the spot.

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