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Fri, Mar 16
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Sixteen Saltines
Jack White is involved in a lot of different projects, first his new labem Third Man, started as a logo and now a real label, moved from Detroit to Memphis. After The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather and a lot of contributions world wide, Jack is goin to release his first solo album. Jack’s heavy riffs are quiet famous, this album smells like Stripes’s De Stijl in some ways. Blunderbuss is date to be released on april 24th. Here is the new track “Sixteen Saltines”.

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Thu, Mar 15
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New France (feat. Zola Jesus)
I like to speak about strange crossovers, one of the most important british eletronic duo of the 90’s is doing an atomic track with a little help of miss. Zola Jesus, most known for her noise industrial attitude. I’ve ever had a wide approach to the music, and defenetelly indie punk scene show often unbeliavable contributions in any kind of ways, well listen to this track.

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Mon, Feb 27
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Hey Jane
Everyone’s favorite Velvet-worshiping space-rockers Spiritualized are back with a rollicking, beautiful mess on the new track “Hey Jane.” It starts all amped and poppy and then descends into an immaculate guitar chaos as confusing as an undiscovered distant universe. It then flips into an orchestrated driving jam that’s simply glorious in its drug-addled nihilism. Hear more on Sweet Heart Sweet Light, which comes April 17 on Fat Possum.

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