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Tue, Nov 29
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De Javu
Certain dance music practitioners could give science fiction writers a run for their money as far as theorizing what partying on other planets might be like. Take Lindstrøm’s new one “De Javu” as a prime example. With little to no build up, you’re dropped in a world where there’s enough drums to inspire a football team, blat-worthy funk and eventually a bank of reflecting synthesizers both wacky and poppy. Need another surprise? He even sings on it! Get ready for more on Six Cups Of Rebel, which arrives February 2 on Smalltown Supersound.

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Tue, Nov 29
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Love (feat. Merrill Garbus of Tune Yards)
Rocky relationships make for good songs. We’ve known this since, well, songs were invented, and Mwahaha adds another with vocal assistance from tUnE-yArDs (aka Merrill Garbus) on “Love.” Avoiding the predictably quiet acoustic guitar route, Mwahaha’s song goes for heavy synth lines, tweaked vocals and even a ripper of a guitar solo. The band’s self-titled debut comes December 6.

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Tue, Nov 29
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Miranda (School Of Seven Bells remix)
The skewering of power-pop outfit Surfer Blood’s “Miranda” by School of Seven Bells is one of the lushest and sweetest whippings we’ve seen. Because the newly-infused mechanical clanks and demonic synths actually open a dimension in which the breathy, nostalgic rock vocals calling out for love lost are magnified until they become sublimely exalted. Dreamy, for sure, and rather unlike the original, which lives on Surfer Blood’s latest—the Tarot Classics EP on Kanine.

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