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Tue, Nov 29
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Living It Out (When Saints Go Machine remix)
These days are days in the sun for the spick-span semi-famous with AOL-parental-filter smiles and for PR speak that reassures us we’re better off connected even though the fact we can’t stand each other has never been clearer. That in mind, it’s heartening to know that there are moments when pop music still seems prepared to engage with the occult. I mean, this When Saints Go Machine remix of Planningtorock’s “Living It Out” is more ghostly than chart, but still: there are serious melodies here, even if they’re scrambled into spectral versions of themselves over a club beat that’s just a little too weird for the club. This truly magnificent remix is one of a number on Planningtorock’s new EP for DFA, which has the original version of “Living It Out” as its centerpiece. Get it now.

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Mon, Nov 21
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The Shrine / An Argument
Brand New Video for Fleet Foxes, The Shrine / An Argument, taken from the last release Helplessness Blues. The band is actually on tour in Europe.

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Thu, Oct 13
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Secret Mobilization
Brand new video for one of our favourite indie rock bands. Secret Mobilization is Deerhoof second single taken from Deerhoof vs. Evil, directed by Ewan MacLeod, starrings: Jess Glower (Hunter) and Ashleigh Dejon (Creature).

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