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Sat, May 19
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Dithyrambalina Live Performance
The Music Box is an interactive installation comprised of musical architecture. It was created by non-profit organization New Orleans Airlift in collaboration with 25 artists including the international street art star Swoon. The Music Box features a collection of purpose-built shacks and miniature houses, each containing an instrument or having instruments built into its structure. The wooden shacks that make up this “shanty-town” are constructed from salvaged materials reclaimed from a late-18th-century Creole cottage that collapsed on the site several years ago. Housing a slew of unconventional and inventive instruments, The Music Box offers its visitors a blank canvas to create music in an entirely new way. Between now and the end of June The Music Box will host a series of recordings sessions and pop-up performances in the space by amazing and diverse musicians including Thurston Moore, longtime Swoon collaborators Dark Dark Dark, the beloved Cajun musician Jo-El Sonnier, the sample-based band Javelin, the Brooklyn pop punk duo Japanther, and noise heroes Black Dice. Here is the past performance, featuring Jim White (Dirty Three / Cat Power) and Andrew WK.

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Sat, May 19
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I don’t know what is happening in Health world, no news about the making of a new album, but strange news are coming. The LA based indie noise group is working on the score of Max Payne 3, a movie?! No, it’s a video game. I don’t know anything about video games or relatives but lately was a good way to become really famous for underground bands. I love Health music so good luck. Hereunder a preview of “Tears”, part of the score of “Max Payne 3”.

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Sat, May 19
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Mountain + Financial District
Gold Panda released a new 7” working on a minimal techno style, is a work issued around the record store day and I like the idea to let you listen to the 2 new tracks in streaming, enjoy.

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